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Frequently Asked Questions

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is a sustainable approach to farming and pest control that aims to reduce how production impacts plants, humans and the environment.

IPM avoids traditional pesticide/herbicide spraying methods, and instead focuses on controlling invasive species by using beneficial bugs, physical barriers and traps. If pesticides are necessary, IPM growers only use the most environmentally-friendly sprays.

When compared to traditional growing methods that use regular, seasonal spraying, IPM has clear advantages. Not only does it reduce the damage done to humans, animals and the land, it also means that the vegetables you eat aren't being soaked in toxic chemicals.

Organic growing methods and IPM share similarities, but the main difference is that organic growers only use pesticides and herbicides made from natural materials. Unfortunately, these chemicals are not always as safe as synthetic options, and many scientists recommend a combined approach to growing.

You can order using our website whenever the desire strikes! 24/7!! TOOWOOMBA: You can expect delivery of your online order on the next business day. A collection notification will be sent out next business day when the box is packed and ready to go! Deliveries are made Monday-Friday. If you have a specific delivery day in mind, just pop the delivery date in the customer notes box so we can make sure you get your fresh veggies on that day!

BRISBANE/GOLD COAST/SUNSHINE COAST/Mt TAMBORINE: You can expect delivery on the allocated delivery day for your area. 

As all of our orders are packed fresh that day, deliveries can sometimes be made late afternoon/early evening. Or you can collect from our farm shop between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. If you are unable to collect during those times please call us on 0481 172 134 to arrange an alternative.

Orders made/received the day before a public holiday or weekend will be delivered (or available for collection) on the next business day after the public holiday or weekend. 
If you have an automatic recurring order and your delivery falls on a public holiday, it is your responsibility to alter the charge date to ensure delivery before the holiday. If you have any trouble with this call 0481 172 134 and we will be happy to alter it for you.

If you're not completely satisfied with your Farm Shop Toowoomba purchase, get in touch with us and we'll refund/credit it immediately. We love serving you fresh, delicious fruit and veggies, and we want you to enjoy our amazing produce as much as we do.

To grow organic produce, Australian farmers are required to obtain certification, which is extremely expensive and time-consuming – this is one of the reasons why organic produce is so pricey!

We’re big believers in prevention over damage control, which is why we’re advocates of IPM as a growing method. It primarily focuses on preventing and controlling pests via nature's methods – spraying is an absolute last resort. It’s also cost-effective and sustainable, which allows us to keep selling at prices that can compete with supermarket giants.

‘Spray-free’, contrary to popular usage, does not mean ‘chemical-free’.

Instead, it indicates that the produce was not physically sprayed with pesticides – instead, modern technologies have allowed growers to introduce chemicals in less direct manners, such as chemical treated seeds or via watering systems. This means the chemical is introduced systemically within the plant and in such, does not break down due to natural elements (ie, sun, rain) and is more likely to be ingested. These chemical are generally called neonicotinoids.

If you want to eat healthy, naturally-grown produce, we recommend talking to individual growers and suppliers about their specific fruit and veggies. Here at the Farm Shop Toowoomba, we known exactly where and how all our produce is grown – if you’re unsure, just pop in or pick up the phone, and we’ll give you all the info!

Absolutely - as long as we have the products in stock, we'll be happy to help! When you click on your cart (the little shopping trolley icon in the top right of the screen), you'll see a list of your Farm Shop Toowoomba products.

Below that, there's a small box labelled 'Instructions for Seller'. Just click on that box, and tell us what you'd like to swap! For example: "Hi, my kids don't eat onions - would it be possible to swap out the onions in my Standard Veggie Box for washed potatoes? Thanks!"


Here at The Farm Shop Toowoomba we aim to source as much local, seasonal produce as possible!! Growing fresh produce is highly dependent on the climate, environmental conditions and season. When a product is in season and available locally we will source it from one of our local farmers. When the local season ends, to enable us to supply you with a great variety of produce all year round, we will go further afield. All produce is 100% Australian grown by our wonderful, hardworking Aussie farmers!!

We deliver Monday through to Friday. 

Here at The Farm Shop Toowoomba we aim for a zero waste system. We do this by sourcing produce in small amounts a couple of times a week. This does mean, unfortunately, that sometimes (rarely - but sometimes) we run out of an item for that day and won't be able to fill that order. Our amazing staff will always endeavour to give you a buzz to let you know and give you options to swap that item with. If you don't wish to swap the item we can always 'hold' your order for the next day (if we will get that item in that day, of course), or refund you that item. If they can't get in touch with you we will sometimes swap for very similar items (say, apples for apples!) or we will refund you... On a side not - what is wasted, gets gifted to our customers for their animals to enjoy!

We deliver your produce in a large styrofoam box. This ensures your produce remains as fresh and delicious as the moment it was packed by acting as an esky. This box is essentially yours to keep if you wish! However, we also have the environment in mind and LOVE to reuse and recycle these boxes. SO, if you pop the box outside on your delivery day our awesome delivery drivers can collect them. We bring them home, sterilise them and reuse them for other delicious treats. Keep in mind - sometimes our trucks/cars are packed to the rafters and sometimes our delivery drivers can't fit the return boxes in. In that case, just pop it out the next time and i'm sure we'll be able to take it off your hands.