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Our Story

Our Mission

To provide you with the freshest fruit and veggies in Toowoomba.

Who Are We?

The Farm Shop Toowoomba opened in June 2018, after owner Indea Weisfelt saw a need in the Toowoomba community for fresh, regional fruit and veg. It was a means for locals to try and benefit from the wonderful produce grown within the Darling Downs. Since then, the shop has grown and evolved, and, due to year-round demand for seasonal produce, has extended to include farmers from a little further afield.

Produce is collected fresh each week, with the previous week’s stock donated to charities within Toowoomba. All remaining produce is given to nearby families for their animals to munch on. This ensures a completely waste-free system!

The Farm Shop Toowoomba prides itself on being able to offer the freshest fruit and vegetables in the area, sourced from as many local farmers as possible. Here at the FST, we love supporting backyard farmers! We’re happy to purchase any fresh produce that you’re growing and retail it so all your neighbours can enjoy it too.

The farmers we source from some of the most diligent growers in the industry – they employ modern, sustainable growing practices, minimising the need for sprays and chemicals. Many of our most trusted sources use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is the use of ‘good bugs’ to fight ‘bad bugs’. By only sourcing from farmers who share our passion for responsible growing, we guarantee a clean, natural and healthy product for you, our customers.

About the Family

The Farm Shop Toowoomba family comes from a background of horticulture and farming. After having her first child, Heath, Indea started the shop so she could look after him and work at the same time.

Her vision was a shop that the local community could visit where the produce on offer was incredibly fresh and sourced from planet-responsible farmers. Now, with three young children in tow, Indea visits the growers each week to collect the produce, ensuring only the freshest fruit and veg are sold to you.

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