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Pick 'n' Pop Popcorn Cob (availble mid-Dec)

Pick 'n' Pop Popcorn Cob (availble mid-Dec)

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We will be having a Pick 'N' Pop popcorn fun day here at The Farm Shop Toowoomba in mid-December. 

Sponsor your own popcorn cob now, watch it grow - via video and roadside pop ins -POP and enjoy! 

By securing your popcorn cobs now, we will have an idea on the amount to grow, you can come and pick your very own popcorn cob, pop it here or take it home to enjoy later. 

What a fun (and oh-so-yum!) way to educate your children on where food comes from and how it's grown. 

We will be planting in September with harvest expected mid-December.

So jump onboard, sponsor your popcorn cobs and experience the fun!! 

If you love the idea, please share it around to your family and friends, we would love to make a BIG event of it!!

NB: Make sure to choose 'PICK 'N' POP POPCORN COB' in the shipping method.

Posting cobs will also be available for our out of town customers and if you are unable to attend the farm open day event (postage cost applies).

**Popcorn can be stored for up to 12months in a dry environment.