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Veggie Box (Small) - The Farm Shop Toowoomba

Veggie Box (Small)

Regular price $30.00

Packed with the finest fresh produce of the week, our veggie boxes include all the staples you and your family need.  Whether you're die-hard vegetarian, the owner of a restaurant, or a family of healthy eaters, we know that you'll love what's inside.

The small box includes the same produce as the Large Veggie box but in smaller portions. 

This weeks box includes a selection of - Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Brown onions, Carrots, Mixed apples, Oranges, Broccoli, Bananas, Corn, Cucumber, Zucchini, Cherry Tomsatoes, Baby spinach*.

If you would like to alter the selection, just pop what you'd like to swap for what in the "Special Instructions for Seller" on checkout. 

*Please note: due to availability of stock, some weeks may vary unexpectedly. If we can’t get a particular item, we will swap for another fruit or veg 👌🏼

(Photo is not a representation of the veggie box)